The Travelling Crystals Stall

travelling crystals stall3


This is the 'trading' side of the Dreamstone business.  I am taking a break from attending fairs & events. However you can still buy crystals and much more from me - just contact me & make an appointment  to see me at Vincent House.

In addition to a range of competitively priced tumbled stones I also offer:

  • Individual crystals & stones (e.g. amethyst points and clusters)
  • Shaped crystals & stones (spheres, eggs etc.)
  • Gemstone bracelets and pendants
  • Pendulums
  • Crystal-related books
  • Oracle Cards
  • Incense (Sticks, smudge and cones)
  • My own Dreamstone Guidance Cards
  • Crystal Goody Bags
  • BeWater Glass Bottles and additional inserts

If you want to know when The Travelling Crystals Stall will be setting out its wares again then check out the Diary page or look out for the Vincent House Open Days & Open Evenings when there will be taster sessions on offer and opportunities to buy crystals and other goodies!